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Chaser Power Jigs

Chaser Power Jigs are available in 2 oz, 1 oz, ¾ oz, ½ oz, and 3/8 oz sizes. The colors are Shad/Olive, Chartreuse and Blue back. These jigs work well casting, trolling and jigging. Try them on an umbrella rig for exciting action. Catch anything and everything from Grouper and Cobia to Striped Bass and Largemouth Bass.

Chaser Bucktail Spin jigs provides the extra flash for picky fish.  Its spinnerbait styled willow blade coupled with a fish head jig is a deadly combination. The multicolored hair speaks for itself.  They have great colors and great flash. They are available in 3/8, ½ and ¾ oz sizes. The colors are Shad (Olive), Chartreuse/ White, and White/Silver flash. Troll it, cast it or jig it and hang on.

Captain Mack's Jig N Shad features a two sided holographic finish with 3D holographic eyes. Its available in ¼, 3/8, ½, ¾, and 1 oz sizes. The colors are Chart Shad, Natural Shad, Blue Shad and Silver Shad.  It's one of the best vertical jigging spoons on the market. Try it casting into surfacing fish as well.  The bait has proven to be effective on a variety of fresh and saltwater gamefish.

Chaser Fat Shads

Chaser Fat Shads come in 5 colors, Blue Back Pearl, White, Tennessee Shad, Pearl Black Back, & Pearl Chartreuse. These 5 inch premium soft plastics come 5 to a pack and are packaged with "Chaser Juice" fish attractant. Fish these baits on a jig or nose hook for maximum action.


Crappie Country Slab Treats are available in 1/16 and 1/32 oz sizes. They are a phenomenal jig for Trophy sized Crappie. They work quite well for all Panfish, Smallmouth Bass as well as Walleye. Buy them one at time or buy a whole card of 12 baits.

  1. Chartreuse/Black flash   
  2. Chartreuse/White flash   
  3. Red/Blue/Chartreuse        
  4. Yel/Green/ Green/Yel         
  5. Yel/Orng/Yel/Orng  
  6. White/Blue flash
  7. Pink/Blue/White
  8. Orange/Pink/Black
  9. Blk/Pink/Chartr   
10. Chrt/Blk/Chrt/Blk

Chaser Jerk Herring
Chaser Jerk Herring 6 inch come in 4 colors, Pearl White, Pearl Lt. Blue Back, Real Shad, and Smoke Pearl. These premium soft plastic come packaged 5 to a pack with "Chaser Juice" fish attractant. Fish these baits with just a hook or use on larger jigs for power reeling or trolling.

The Chaser Float Fly is designed for casting with a Chaser Slinger casting float. It can be used with a fly rod.  It works great on surfacing fish.  Try it just 2 feet behind the float. It is designed to sink, putting it in sight of surfacing fish.  It has a luminescent Pearl finish. It is 1 ½" long.  It works great in fresh and saltwater. Use is for Redfish, Trout/Weakfish, Fluke, Tarpon, Snook as well as Striped Bass, Hybrids and all freshwater Bass species.

Umbrella Rigs

The Chaser Umbrella Rig. Available with 5 or 9 Chaser Power Jigs accompanied with Chaser Fat Shad or Jerk Herring Trailers. The rigs are available with blue, Chartreuse or Shad (Olive) colored jigs. The rigs are made of high quality Mack Farr components. Great for trolling fresh or saltwater for a variety of fish including Striped Bass, Bluefish and Bass.

A Rig 5 Bait Kit
Flashin Flutter Spoons

Add a mere 5/8 oz to our popular Bait Chaser casting Umbrella rig for ultimate performance. Each spoon is 2 3/8" long and weighs 1/8 oz. They come with a #6  tacky Chaser treble. Incredible flash and vibration. This is a must when fish are feeding on small bait. The secret is out!

Curly Fry
This 4" swimbait offers enticing action. It comes in a 5 pack, perfect for an A Rig. Colors are White and Chartreuse/White.

Paddle Fry
Available in 3 and 4".  The perfect swimbait for A Rigs or for jig trailers. Try a 5 pack of 4" baits on your next A Rig. The 3" comes in a 10 pack. Colors are White, Chartreuse/Wite, and Ice Flake.

This bait is about 3". It works great in a variety of ways. Try it as a trailer for Spinnerbaits and jigs. It works great by itself as a finesse or Drop Shot bait. The colors are White, Green Pumpkin and Oxbite

A Rig 5 Bait Kit
Hammered Flutter Spoons

 Just like its cousin, Flashin Flutter, each spoon is 2 3/8" long and weighs 1/8 oz. They come with a #6  tacky Chaser treble. Incredible flash and vibration. This is a must when fish are feeding on small bait. The secret is out! We have been vertically jigging these spoons on A Rigs for Spotted Bass with great success.

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