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Slinger Floats

Slinger Floats are designed to cast lightweight lures from 25 to 100 yards.  They are available in 2"(1/20z), 3"(3/4 and 1 1/4oz) and 5"(1 7/8 and 2 1/8oz) . They are great getting to the big fish without spooking them with the boat, or use them off a dock or pier for great casting distances.

Chaser Screen Clean

Chaser Screen Clean. 1 oz spray bottle. Use to clean your screen on a fishfinder or other electronics. Use with a lint free cloth or microfiber. It leaves no fingerprints or smudge marks.  It works great on eye glasses as well.

Chaser Fisherman's Log

  Record your catch and notes. Take it with you on the boat. Information will be handy.

Striper Decal

Approximately 8" long. It looks great on the truck and on the boat.

Glass Faceted Beads

Chaser Glass faceted beads are available in either Red or Clear. They are a nice addition to the Chaser Power swivels and an egg sinker for a traditioal Carolina rig. Add multiple beads for a solid clacking noise. They work great for paner board fisherman, keeping the board from sliding past the swivel.

Chaser Power Swivels

Chaser Power Swivels. Small but strong as can be. The smallest size is a #10. It has a breaking strength of 35 pounds. It will fit through most fishing rods eyes and roll up on your reel.  The #6 has a breaking strength of 80 pounds and the #4 is 130 pounds. When size matters, this is your best bet. Save money from filling your spools with straight flourocarbon. Add a small swivel and just add what you need to present to the fish.

"A Rig Retreiver"

What a great idea to retrieve your favorite lure from a sunken Tree, Log, Rock etc.


Carrying Case